Advanced Tech - A nice blogger template with header tabs, orange color post headers, and post calendar icons.

Altruism - A clean minimalistic template with a white background and bright green sidebar.

Aspire - A rustic look and calendar in the sidebar make this blog template perfect for history bloggers and traditional food bloggers.

Bella - Pink and very feminine. A nice template floral designs on the header and calendar icons on the posts.

BlueMarine - A clean design with nice RSS buttons, and lots of header space.

Butterfly 2 - This is a nicely done template with two red strips running on the sides of the blog and butterflies in the header and sidebar.

Cat - Glossy, shiny; great for a web 2.0 centric blog.

Collaboration - A very clean template, one of my favorites in this list.

Complimentary - A clean white Blogger template, perfect for posting icons with posts. The green header with the blue strip is really standing out.

Darkspark- This is a neat and classy looking black and blue template with floral designs going on in the header. The blue post headers against the black background stand out quite well.

Decorativo - Easy on the eyes, great for a literature-themed blog.

Embouteilllage - Red and black always go together quite well and the combination has been used here quite nicely.

Erudite - I love the templates at this site. This particular one is very clean and can be easily customized.

Feminina 1 - Pink background and one for the girls. In fact, you will see a lot more pink in the Feminina series.

Feminina 2 - A girl in pink on the left sidebar adds a dash of femininity in this striking template. Again, the header is a bit too big for my taste.

Feminina 3 - Pink and butterflies. You can’t beat that.

Flor - A simple, clean floral design.

Flower Pink Border - If you’re up for something different, try this combination of black and pink.

Flowers - Nice “boxy” design and a very modern look. I’d never guess it’s Blogger at first sight.

Garota - Goth-style template, too dark for me but I’m sure many will like it; especially those who are into vampire movies.

Gemstone - Very nice use of the header area and a good color combination.

Genesis - A three-column dark color theme with nice header tabs and sidebar header buttons.

Glass - Another personal favorite of mine, creates that “wow” effect right from the start.

GossipCity - A three column template that will give your blog that metro look with stars and shines.

Graydient - A two column template with gray background and header tabs.

History channel - A template based on the History Channel.

Honest Expressions - A template that is very similar to K2 but has nice sidebar header buttons.

iPhone - For all you iPhone aficionados, here is the perfect template for your blog.

Isabela - An orange strip on the header, a white background, and a girl on the backdrop. A nice combination.

iWork (iWork '09 reviews) - A two column template with a office theme.

Jeans- A template that looks like your faded jeans. Quite nice if you are a cowboy. Or like cowboys.

Leia - A popular template in three column. There are header tabs, and a big blog description space on the right-hand side.

Looter xp - A simple black and white design with some striking effects.

Maio - A dark template with a pink flavour to it. There is an adsense-ready column included as well.

Midnight - A 2-column dark template with nice header tabs.

Mosaico - A template design in mosaic style.

Natural Beauties - This is a clean and sober template with a nice header color and sidebar header buttons. There are some header tabs also that will come quite useful.

Naturescharm - Quite a bright and lively template that any young girl would like to use.

Navideno - A eye appealing treat with a fruity flavor.

O2 - This is a popular Wordpress (WordPress reviews) template ported to Blogger. It is a three column template with a bigger sidebar on top of two mini bars on the right hand side.

Oggi - The header comes as part of the post section while the sidebar goes up to the top in this good looking design.

Outono - Another two column template with a floral design on the body.

Pink Stars - A pink background and stars to complement and bring out that perfect feminine look. A great one for the ladies.

ProAds - This one is perfect for placing those 150×150 image ads.

Rainbow Garden - Would you like to have you post decorated nicely with the garden flowers? This is the template for you then.

Red Girl - Quite a nice theme with a red background and an unusual style. You can put your picture int he header.

Revolution - We have seen so many Wordpress magazine themes, but this one if for Blogger. check it out.

Bloggerized AdSense - AdSense ready template, not too shabby looking.

iPlantilla - another Mac-themed template with a very clean look.

Secret - Nice hand drawings. And quite a unique design that definitely is striking.

Serena 2 - This is a three-column template that has been nicely done up with a floral design on the background.

Signus - A two column template with header tabs and nice floral designs on the backdrop.

Simplicity 2.0 - This pink color template looks classy and very feminine.

Styleicious - A nice color combination again with blue and black on this three column template.

Substance - A dark-blue template with. Quite a clean look.

SubtleBeauty - As the name suggests, this template is quite a beauty and amazing use of font and background color.

Terra Firma - A nice Wordpress ported blog with space for Adsense in the header. Orange and green combination makes it looks fresh and bright.

Wiremesh - A dark template with color post and sidebar headers.

1024px - A simple two column template on plain white background without much color, but with great readability.